Frequently asked questions:

Q. Am I eligible to participate in the 55+ BC Games?

A.  Participants must be 55 years of age or older by December 31 in the year of the Games, the exception being track & field participants who must be 55 year of age or older as of the first day of competition of the Games.  Participants must be permanent residents of British Columbia and members in good standing with the BC Seniors Games Society.   Some sports have caps on the number of participants from each zone.  These sports will require zone playdowns to determine eligible teams or participants, please check with your zone at the time of registration if your sport will require a zone playdown.  All participants in the Games must be members of the BC Seniors Games Society.

EXAMPLE #1 – Bob turns 70 in November, his sport has age categories of 65-69 or 70-74.  Bob could register in either age category, however, if Bob is registering in track & field, he MUST register in the 65-69 age category as he will be 69 on the first day of competition.

EXAMPLE #2 – Sally turns 55 in November, she has been waiting for 2 years to participate in the Games.  Sally can register to participate in any sport except track & field.  Beth turns 55 in August, she can register in any sport, including track & field.

Q. Why do I have to contact my Zone? Can’t I just register online?

A.  Each Zone puts together a team of participants representing their Zone.  Therefore, they are responsible for ensuring complete registration for everyone in their zone.  They are also a good source of information about playdowns, team uniforms and other zone-specific Games information.  Some sports require playdowns PRIOR to the close of registration  so it is extremely important to contact your zone and register as soon as possible.

Q.  How can I get help with my registration?

A.  All participant registrations are processed through the zone registrars, there is no central registration office.  Your zone webpage provides contact information if you require assistance with completing your registration.

Q.  When is the registration deadline?

A.  Registration closes June 30 for all zones.

Q.  Most of my team lives in a different zone than I do.  Can I still play with my team?

A.  Each participant shall compete only for the zone in which they make their permanent residence.  Exceptions to this rules may be considered for completing a team.  Contact your Zone Sport Coordinator and discuss the situation.  In many cases your request can be accommodated by our Cross-Zone procedures, refer to our General Rules book.   

Q.  Can I participate in more than one sport?

A.  Participants are allowed to compete in only ONE sport at the Games, but they may compete in more than one event within that sport.  For example, a participant can compete in singles and doubles in tennis.

Q.  What is the fee to participate in the Games?

A.  Each participant must become a member of the BC Seniors Games Society.  Participants must also pay the registration fee and the sport fee for their chosen sport.  Sport fees are listed under Registration and Sport Forms.  All fees are payable to the participant’s zone.

Q.  What happens to the information provided at registration?

A.  Information is collected in accordance with the BC Seniors Games Society Personal Information Protection Policy, which is in accordance with the British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act.  Members’ images or video footage, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other images and video footage, may be displayed on the 55+ BC Games website and social media accounts and may be used for media purposes including promotional presentation and marketing campaigns.  Members will not be compensated for the use of their image.  As a member, you will receive email messages regarding membership, programs and activities of the BC Seniors Games Society.   Information provided will also be used to determine the eligibility to participate in the 55+ BC Games.

Q.  When will I have access to my competition schedule?

A.  Draws and schedules will be published within one week prior to the start of the Games.

Q.  What happens if there are fewer than 3 entries in my event at the close of registration?

A.  Events with fewer than 3 entries will be cancelled.  The affected participants will be notified and given 3 days to enter a different sport or event, or to place their name on the cross-zone list, being assured of a refund, if not placed on a team.  80+ and 55-59 age categories are not affected by this rule.  Field competitors moved down in age category will be allowed to use the equipment for their own age category.

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