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Participants must be:

  • 55 years of age or older by December 31 in the year of the Games.  EXCEPTION – track & field participants must be 55 years of age or older as of the first day of competition of the Games.
  • permanent residents of British Columbia
  • members of BC Seniors Games Society (in good standing)

EXAMPLE #1 – Bob turns 70 in November, his sport has age categories of 65-69 and 70-74.  Bob could register in either age category, however, if Bob is registering in track & field (including the 10Km road race), Bob must register in the 65-69 age category as he will be 69 on the first day of competition.

EXAMPLE #2 – Sally turns 55 in November, she has been waiting 2 years to participate.  Sally can register to participate in any sport except track & field (including the 10Km road race).

EXAMPLE #3 – Beth turns 55 in August, she can register in any sport, including track & field.

The 2023 55+ BC Games will be hosted in Abbotsford from Tuesday, August 22 to Saturday, August 26.

Every participant must be a member of the BC Seniors Games Society.  The annual membership fee is $20 (non-refundable in any circumstance).  The registration fee is $75 and each sport fee has a different fee.  Visit your sport page to determine each sport fee.

All fees are payable to your zone.  There will be no refunds for any reason after July 8, 2023.

Registration opens March 1 and closes June 15.

The registration fee for the Games is $75/participant.  All participants must be members of the BC Seniors Games Society; annual membership is $20.

Each sport has a sport fee ranging from $10 to $100.  Sport fees cover the cost of venue rentals, officials, sanctioning (if applicable), etc. Some zones provide financial assistance to participants and cover the cost of sport fees or other expenses.


  1.  Choose your sport
  2. Contact your zone
  3. Submit registration package to the zone

Click HERE for more information

Each of the 12 zones register participants to represent the zone at the Games.  Some sports require playdowns for participants or teams to qualify for the Games and playdowns are coordinated by each zone.  Some playdowns are scheduled PRIOR to the close of registration so it is important to contact the zone and register as soon as possible.   The zone will also have information about zone uniforms and some may offer financial assistance for participants to attend the Games.

ALL registrations are processed through each zone, there is no central registration office or online registration process.    

Playdowns to qualify for the Games are required in about 1/2 of the sports.  Refer to each sport page to see if your sport requires playdowns.

Some sports require playdowns for the following reasons:

  • time restraints on competition at the Games – the Games are only 5 days with sport competitions taking place between 2-4 days, depending on each sport
  • venue maximums – the number of interested participants out number the capacity to host the sport (i.e. golf)

A trial project for 2023 Games will allow participants to register in the 10Km road race only as a 2nd event.  The 10Km takes place on Saturday, August 26.  It is the responsibility of each participant to be aware of the dates for the primary event and manage scheduling conflicts.  NOTE – detailed schedules will be released August 15, a general competition schedule is available on the sports page

Each participant competes for the zone in which they reside, however, if a participant is looking for a team or partner, cross zoning is permitted.  Permission is not required to cross zone for 2023.

EXAMPLE – Sally live in zone 3 but the majority of her dragon boat teams reside in zone 4.  Sally still registers in her home zone 3 and advises zone 3 she will be cross zoning to participate with the zone 4 dragon boat team.

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