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Membership with the BC Seniors Games Society is more than just about the Games , it is about championing the idea of life-long activity and friendly competition.  NOTE – Each zone is responsible for processing their members forms and fees, please check your zone page for mailing information or contact your Zone Director for information.

2022 Membership Form

Benefits of Membership

The BC Seniors Games Society believes in the health and social benefits of participation in the 55+ BC Games and by purchasing your membership, you can help us continue to ensure thousands of those in the 55+ population live active, healthy lifestyles.

2022 Membership Drive begins January 1, 2022!

In order to process membership forms and payments, each zone is responsible for processing their members forms and fees.  Please do not mail forms and payments to our main office in Sidney.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is preferred that forms and payment be submitted via mail to reduce face to face contact.  Steps to register:

  1. Determine which zone you belong
  2. Download the form from the membership webpage
  3. Mail completed form and payment to the mailing address listed on your zone webpage.
  4. If no mailing address is listed, please contact the Zone Director for this information.

Thank you for your continued support of our organization and the 55+ BC Games!

Membership is $20.00 and you do not need to be 55 years of age to become a member of the Society.

We are looking for members who wish to be actively involved at the Zone level, to assist the Society in registering participants and supporters for the 55+ BC Games, for the benefit of the 55+ population of BC, and showcasing this age group as, living an active healthy lifestyle. Contact us if you would like to join us as a volunteer.

Benefits at the Zone Level

  • Equipment Replacement: Your local sports club, association or 55+ group has the opportunity to apply for the replacement of equipment. The degree of funding is tied to the number of members in the BC Seniors Games Society. The higher the number of members, the higher the amount of funding for equipment from the zone.
  • Venue Costs: The zone may cover the expenses incurred in renting facilities and supplying equipment for zone playdowns and/or registration.
  • Social Functions and Zone Meetings: Members are eligible to attend all the social functions and monthly meetings of the zone.
  • Games Participation: Members are automatically eligible to participate in zone playdowns. When playdowns are not necessary they may register to attend the Games as a participant or a supporter.
  • Sports Fees: In the case of participants who pay additional sports fees, some or the entire amount may be refunded, depending on the policy set by each zone. Participants in those sports who are not being refunded for additional sports fees, may be refunded a portion of the cost of participating, prior to the Games, in their chosen sport at the community level, depending on the policy set by each zone.
  • Accommodation: Some zones are able to assist participants in part or all of the costs for attending the Games from local donations and fund raising.

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