Merchandise Opportunity

Victoria 2022 is seeking a merchandiser to provide a select range of branded merchandise to sell directly
to participants/volunteers through online sales, and possibly in person sales during the Games.

To this end, we are seeking submissions from companies who are interested and can demonstrate the
capability to deliver the services outlined in the RFP.

The intention is to sign a contract with a merchandising contract by March 04 with intent to be in the
marketplace with an online store by April 04.

Victoria 2022 will also seek proposals to provide the Society with 1500-2000 Volunteer T-Shirts and 6000
Sling Bags that Victoria will order directly. It will be determined when evaluating the Merchandise
opportunity if this Uniform supply will be combined with the Merchandise Contract.

Submissions are due 5:00 pm PST Feb 23. They are to be submitted in PDF format and emailed or link to
Louise Hodgson-Jones –

For complete RFP, contact

  1. Rob Scott 8 months ago

    When is your office open..

    • Author
      Judy Joseph-Black 8 months ago

      The Greater Victoria Host Society is currently working out of the Destination Greater Victoria offices. A Games Office will be announced shortly.

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