How to Register

Opens March 1, 2022

For more information please contact your zone, all registrations are processed through your zone.

To register for the 55+ BC Games, please follow these steps:

Step 1 – Determine your eligibility and choose your sport

Participants must be permanent residents of British Columbia and turn 55 years of age or older by December 31 in the year of the Games.  Track and field participants must be 55 years of age or older as of the first day of competition of the Games.  Participants are allowed to compete in only one sport at the Games, but they may compete in more than one event within that sport.  Review the rules and technical information on the sport pages to determine the sport and event(s) you would like to enter.

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Step 2 – Determine your zone and submit your completed registration and membership forms  

Participants compete for the zone in which they make their permanent residence.  There are 12 zones across the province and each zone is responsible for registering their participants.    Visit your zone page for information on where to submit your registration forms and fees.  Participants are also required to be current members of the BC Seniors Games Society, which is an annual membership.  You will receive a confirmation email once your registration information has been entered into the database.  IMPORTANT NOTE – Each zone is responsible for collecting membership and registration forms including the respective fees.

Step 3 – Attend your Zone Qualification Playdown (if needed)

Some sport have zone participation limits and may require zone playdowns.  Refer to your sport specific rules to determine if your sport may require playdowns.  Zone playdowns are completed at the discretion of the zones and may be held prior to the close of registration because of venue availability i.e. ice being removed in a curling centre.  Zone playdown dates and details will be listed on each sport page, zone page and the event listing page on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why do I have to contact my zone to register? Can’t I just register online?

A.  Each Zone puts together a team of participants representing their Zone.  Therefore, they are responsible for ensuring complete registration for everyone in their zone.  They are also a good source of information about playdowns, team uniforms and other zone-specific Games information.

Q.  How can I get help with my registration?

A.  Your zone is your first line of information for getting help with your registration.  Each zone webpage contains contact information and additional information for the registration process.

Q.  Most of my team lives in a different zone than I do.  Can I still play with my team?

A.  Contact your Zone Sport Coordinator and discuss the situation.  In many cases your request can be accommodated by our Cross-Zone procedures.  To learn more about cross-zone registrations, refer to our General Rules book.

Q.  I turn 55 in October.  Can I participate this year?

A.  Your age for the Games is as of as of December 31 of the same year as the Games are held.   Except for all track & field events where your age is as of the day of competition.  So yes, if you are competing in any sport except track and field.

Q.  When is the registration deadline?

A.  Registration closes June 30, however it is important to check your zone webpage for playdown dates that may occur before the close of registration.

Q.  What is the fee to participate in the Games?

A.  Each participant must become a member of the BC Seniors Games Society.  Participants must also pay the registration fee and the sport fee for their chosen sport.  Sport fees are listed under Registration and Sport Forms.  All fees are payable to the participant’s zone.

Registration Types and Checklist

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A Participant is someone who is competing at the Games.

Fees:  $20 membership fee + $55 Participant registration fee + Sport fee (see list)


A Supporter (previously known as a Non-Participant) is a person who will be attending the Games but is NOT competing in an event.   As a Supporter you have full access to all the Special Events, Competitions and the Games transportation system.

Please note this registration is mandatory if you would like to access the special events such as the Dance.

Fee:  $20 membership fee + $40 Supporter registration fee


  • Registration form – available in 2022
Registration Fees


Fees should be submitted at the time of registration with your registration forms.

Answer the following questions to calculate your registration fee.

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