Sports Announced for the 2023 Abbotsford 55+ BC Games

Sidney – It seems like we just celebrated a Games in 2022 and now we have the sports decided for 2023! The Abbotsford 55+ BC Games Host Society announced today the sport package for the 55+ BC Games. The Abbotsford 2023 55+ BC Games will be held August 22 -26, 2023 and will see 29 sports and activities offered for the 3500+ participants.

8 BallDartsIce Hockey*Sturling (TBC)
ArcheryDragon BoatingLawn BowlingSwimming
BadmintonEquestrianMountain BikingTable Tennis
BocceFive Pin BowlingPickleballTennis
BridgeFloor CurlingSlo-PitchTrack & Field
Carpet BowlingGolfSnookerWhist
CribbageHorseshoesSoccer Men/7-aside (m&w)
CyclingIce Curling

*Venue to be confirmed

The 55+ BC Games are presented on an annual basis in different host cities by the BC Seniors Games Society (BCSGS). The 55+ BC Games were previously held in Greater Victoria in 2022 where they hosted over 2,500 participants in the first post-COVID era.

The 55+ BC Games are an important part of the BC sport system and the largest annual multi-sport gathering event in the province. The Games offer the opportunity to celebrate sport and active living with other participants from across the province and experience the hospitality of the Host City.

Each year the Games attract approximately 3500 participants and require approximately 1,200 volunteers to stage and deliver the Games in the Host Community.

Participant registration for the 2023 Abbotsford 55+ BC Games will open March 1, 2023. For more information about the 55+ BC Games, visit

If you are interested in helping to bring the Games to Abbotsford as a volunteer, please visit the Volunteer information page at


Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport
“The 55+ BC Games is a fun and dynamic competition that builds strong community connections through a wide variety of events and activities. Our government is proud to support the games, as they inspire British Columbians to stay active and engaged at any age.”

John Buis, President, BC Seniors Games Society
“Abbotsford is a community that loves to give back. The board of directors has a wealth of multi-sport games experience. We are confident that this board will host an exceptional Games and look forward to working with them in the ensuing months.”

Mary Boonstra, President, Abbotsford Host Society
“My team and I are dedicated to creating a memorable experience for participants, coaches, families, friends and volunteers in Abbotsford next year, starting with the events we have selected. Community is very important to us and we look forward to welcoming all participants to Abbotsford.”

About the 55+ BC Games

The 55+ BC Games is an annual, multi-sport competition celebrating active and healthy adults 55 years of age and older. The Games are funded primarily by the BC Seniors Games Society (BCSGS) and the Provincial Government. They are an important part of the Sport 4 Life Long Term Athlete Development, with many of the Provincial Sport Organizations providing support. The BCSGS is the parent organization that is responsible for the overall governance of the Games, the sport specific rules, and the liaison with the participants.

In 2022, an economic impact study conducted by Destination Greater Victoria using the Destinations International Event Impact Calculator found that the 55+ BC Games provide an impact of over $6.5 million to the host community. In addition, Host communities benefit from the development of capacity to host large multisport events by training volunteers and improved infrastructure through the Games Legacy program. Please visit for more information.


For more information contact:
Media contact: Wes Zawertailo, Communications Chair, BC Seniors Games Society

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport.

  1. Julie Teichert 2 months ago

    Where is the dragonboat ?

  2. Larry Martin 2 months ago

    – If Sturling becomes 2 person stick curling we will definitely have a team. This is one of the fastest-growing sports in BC and across Canada, especially for Seniors. “Have sticks will travel”
    – From the Canadian Stick Curling association site ” Love the game again…6 rocks, 6 ends,& making friends.”
    -I sat start practicing…if you use a stick in regular play give the 2 person stick curling game a try at your local club. We may not be the best but we’re enthusiastic about the sport. If you’re in the area check out the Friday afternoon Penticton Curling club stick league. Most area clubs have leagues and many have in-house or advertised spiels. As the 6 end game only takes about one hour several of the current spiels are one-day events. That may change with increased popularity. Hope to see you on the ice.

  3. Sheri Corrie 2 months ago

    Is 5 pin bowling a team event or individual bowling?

  4. Mary 2 months ago

    Cribbage partners again or Individual ?

  5. Larry Danielson 2 months ago

    I do not see trap shooting listed for the Abbotsford games.
    I do know our club (Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club) has been in contact
    with you about sponsering the event..

    • Author
      Judy Joseph-Black 2 months ago

      Though trap shooting is on the long list to choose from, the Abbotsford Host Society decided not to choose it as one of their offered sports for the Games.

  6. Marilyn 2 months ago

    I noticed that the venue for swimming is to be the Centennial Pool. Is this correct? I swam outside in the Burnaby games, also in August, and had hypothermia and had to withdraw from my last two events. I was under the impression that the 55plus swimming events could not take place outdoors. I will definitely not compete if they remain outside.

    • Author
      Judy Joseph-Black 2 months ago

      The Abbotsford Host Society asked for approval from the BCSGS Rules Committee to host the event outdoors as that was the only venue they had which had all of the equipment needed to host the sport. The BCSGS Rules Committee approved the request. We hope to see you in Salmon Arm in 2024.

  7. Cheryl 2 months ago

    Will coed softball be offered?

  8. Lisa 2 months ago

    Love to hear more about the equestrian events and how you qualify to compete

    • Author
      Judy Joseph-Black 2 months ago

      Hi Lisa. Here is a link to the Equestrian page:
      Once you find out what zone you are in, go to that page and click on the contact for Equestrian or if there is not one listed, contact the zone director. Thank you.

  9. Sean Dooher 1 month ago

    Are there more events yet to be decided upon and how many events may I join?

    • Author
      Judy Joseph-Black 1 month ago

      There will not be any more sports added to the program. You can compete in many events within a sport (i.e. athletics- 100,200m, long jump, high jump, etc.) but you can only compete in one sport. The only exception is the 10,000m held on Saturday. If you are done your sport (i.e. golf) and you want to compete in the 10,000m, you can do that. Thanks for inquiring.

  10. Stacey 4 weeks ago

    What golf courses will be used for womens golf?

  11. Terry Burgess 3 weeks ago

    Has the final decision been made on weather Sturling will be included in the 2023 games?

    • Author
      Judy Joseph-Black 3 weeks ago

      Sturling will be held in Mission. See Sport page here:

      • Author
        Judy Joseph-Black 2 weeks ago

        Hi Terry. At our recent board meeting, the Sport Chair updated us with regards to Sturling. The venue has not been secured as yet. They’re working on it. But at this moment, it’s still TBC (to be confirmed).

  12. K. 1 week ago

    Where will the mountain bike event take place? Sumas, Ledgeview or Vedder? Thanks.

  13. Gunnel Bonnar 6 days ago

    I am 77 years old, will l be competing against 55 year olds or how does that work?

    • Author
      Judy Joseph-Black 6 days ago

      Hi there. For the most part, participants compete in 5 year increments. (i.e. 55-59, 60-64, 75-79, etc.) But depending on the sport, if there are not enough competitors in the event, there may be some moving up or down in age categories. See more information here:

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